Guidelines for Paper Authors

  1. The Paper has not been published before or is at the same time under review by any other journal or conference.
  2. The paper file should be in MS word format (.DOC or .DOCX file format) and should be e-mailed directly to the editor at: [email protected]
  3. A copyright form is to be completed and attached to the message sent to the editor.
  4. Once the paper is received, it will be assigned a unique number that reflects the date of paper submission. Three or more reviewers are assigned to review the paper within one day of the date of paper submission.
  5. The authors should provide the necessary copyright release forms, if any, copyrighted material is included or used in the paper.
  6. Papers are to be acknowledged and referenced accurately and meticulously.
  7. When the paper is accepted for publication, the copyright is conceded to IJCSCS.
  8. Authors are to follow the instructions and paper format shown on Author Resources Page to avoid any publication delays.
  9. A publication fee of 50 $ US is required for papers with ten pages or less.
  10. The accepted manuscript will experience copy editing, format checking and reference validation to provide the highest publication quality possible.
  11. Upon request, authors can be provided with a printed volume of the journal at a cost of 50 $ US per volume.
  12. Selected highly-recommended papers are eligible for a publication fee waiver.

You can use PayPal for paying for your printed IJCSCS copy: